Steelwool Taking Off

Volano’s workflow management tool Steelwool is starting to save our customers time and money. Mark Hennings with Omaha Video Solutions provided a glowing testimonial for Steelwool. Check out the video.

Steelwool is very different from industry specific work management software. The customizability, low cost, local support and simplicity of the tool help ensure companies spend less time on administrative tasks and lost work and more time driving revenue and having meaningful conversations with business partners, clients and prospective clients. We help link your data and tasks to the people who need to do them. Everyone knows what they need to do, what the steps are to reconcile and every step of the way is documented and transparent to managers and owners. The software caters to your process, you don’t need to adjust your process to the software.

Pretty cool. We’re partnering up with some interesting clients and seeing a lot of common themes across diverse industries. Efficiency, accountability and simplicity are in high demand and Steelwool has the answer…

As Volano continues to grow, recruiting talent has become critical.  Beyond lining up skillsets, we’re always on the hunt for people that fit the culture and add something to it as well.  Our developers work directly with our clients so it is also important that our people interface well with the very people who will use the software that we create. Strong dart throwing skills can be developed at Volano fortunately.

Finding good software developers is tough these days in Omaha as many employers and recruiters will tell you.  That’s why we’re striking up partnerships with local colleges and technical institutions. This morning Volano co-owner Rod Smith and I had the pleasure to meet with Nancy Hewitt, the Director of Career Services with ITT Technical Institute.  Looks like a nice opportunity for us to meet potential hot-shot developers in the making and ITT can deliver on its mission to help place students in the job market.

We learned a lot.  Nancy and her team help place upwards of 80% of students shortly after they graduate.  ITT’s new facility by Westroads was impressive and I was surprised to see that their instruction included nursing and law enforcement.  We heard inspiring stories about the lengths some students go to complete their education and are looking forward to getting in front of students.  We’ll be meeting with UNO Monday.  Somewhere out there is a talented kid who likes to code and may be a catalyst here.

A little light reading for Rod Smith, wistfully remembering his youthful days of learning
A little light reading for Rod Smith, wistfully remembering his youthful days of learning.