Volano Software 2024 Developer Internship

The Highlights 

As an intern at Volano you will be an integral part of a collaborative team working together through our agile process to deliver quality software. The project will involve a full tech stack, but we will tailor your technical focus based on your strengths and interests. This can include C# ASP.NET, Vue.js, Angular, Typescript, JavaScript, Ionic, CSS, SQL, and others. 

What To Expect 

Our intern will work on a project with a team that includes a lead developer, project manager, and other developers. The project is defined in a statement of work and the scope is broken down into features, user stories, and tasks in Azure DevOps.  The project team, including the intern, will pick which tasks are to be worked on during the two-week sprint.  The intern will work directly with the other developers to fully understand the requirements, get any assistance needed to complete the task at hand, receive a code review, and participate in the iteration meeting.  The project team will follow Volano’s agile development methodology to ultimately deliver the final software to the client. 


Our most successful interns come to Volano with a strong desire to learn, have the ability to pick up and retain new concepts quickly, and want to collaborate with the rest of the team by clarifying requirements and seeking assistance when beneficial. 

As part of the team, you will be responsible to: 

About Volano 

Volano Software is a 16-year-old employee-owned software company in downtown Omaha. We create quality web and mobile apps that build value for our clients and have fun while doing it. With nearly 20 developers at Volano, we provide mentorship and support to create an environment where everyone is encouraged to continually learn and grow in their technological interests. With the variety of businesses and technologies, there is no shortage of things to learn which can be challenging at times, but it will never be boring. Our space in the Mastercraft building is an open layout with plenty of natural light and there’s usually background music playing over the Sonos speakers. Every developer has a well-equipped laptop, multiple monitors, and potentially a standing desk. There’s always soda in the fridge and snacks on the island. 

Our Core Values 


To be considered for this internship, you must be currently participating in a software-related school program or have strong experience writing software as a hobby or as part of your coursework. Providing access to a public Github profile and/or sample projects is encouraged. 



Volano full-time employees can work remotely with flexible hours, but the office is typically open from 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday.  Our internships range between 30 and 40 hours per week during the summer with an option to continue the internship after summer with hours flexible around your school schedule and workload. 

Work Location 

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