Josh Hagan

Josh Hagan

Solutions Consultant

Before joining Volano, Josh Hagan worked in operations for an aerial survey company that managed 24 aircraft across the US. Today, Josh helps new customers get their projects off the ground by connecting their challenges with Volano’s expertise to achieve client business objectives. Josh enjoys getting to know people and learning all about them, which is good because he meets new people nearly every day! He also appreciates how his coworkers engage in teamwork throughout Volano, whether on projects or in a game of darts. At home, Josh loves to be outside with his three kids riding bikes or skateboards, and he’s always up for trying something new and exciting with his family. He also enjoys movies and all kinds of music. Just don’t play him any newer country. Josh and his wife, Sarah, are instilling a spirit of giving back in their children by taking each child to volunteer twice a year. Each experience is different and is helping their children learn how they can help people in need in our community.
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