Outsourced software department supports seamless user experience

TotalWellness specializes in biometric screenings and flu shots. The company’s nationwide network of over 7,000 health professionals delivers on-site health services with outstanding participant satisfaction. TotalWellness provides services to all 50 states and has over 500 clients in a variety of industries including Wellness/Health Management, Banking, Insurance, Medicine, Retail, Energy, and Technology.

The Problem

TotalWellness coordinates a lot of moving parts and manages mountains of data. The TotalWellness team is great at what it does because it has built the information management systems necessary to give the company a competitive advantage. Through a series of events, TotalWellness needed a new software provider, a firm that could adopt the company’s current software systems. This included maintaining and augmenting what exists, building new features, migrating systems to the cloud, managing internal software development staff, and steering the software development lifecycle.

The Solution

The solution demanded multiple technical roles: principal consultant, business process manager, architect, and developer. We created a plan to provide the necessary talent through what we call fractional resourcing. Volano provides the roles needed to manage multiple systems, but the roles are not full-time equivalents. By doing this, TotalWellness gets the benefits of having a fully-staffed software department at a fraction of the cost. With the seasonal nature of the work, we are able to flex the time dedicated to the project as needed.

The Outcome

Volano team members have become integrated as virtual team members at TotalWellness. TotalWellness looks to Volano for IT guidance and knows that we will help the team achieve its business objectives. During the busy season we are available for support while also working on long term plans. TotalWellness’ internal IT staff looks to Volano for best practices.

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