Is your business relying too much on spreadsheets?

March 15, 2023

Spreadsheets are good for numbers. However, they fail miserably when it comes to the big picture. They are just not designed to tackle the myriad of tasks your business handles day-to-day. 

All this impacts efficiency and the time you (the already busy person) have to manually update your documents to make business flow. 💀

Why migrate spreadsheets to software? 👇

1️⃣ Accuracy & Efficiency 
Unlike spreadsheets software tools can automate data entry and speed up the process and eliminate human error, improving data accuracy.

2️⃣ Scalability 
Spreadsheets can be unmanageable; custom software is built to scale. Your business will grow and when it does know that your custom software tool will scale for years without worry. 

3️⃣ Customization 
Spreadsheets are limited. Software tracking tools are tailor-made to your specific business needs. Track & report what’s important beyond the numbers so that decision-making is more effective.

4️⃣ Integration
Custom software integrates with other tools, such as CRM, accounting, and marketing automation. This provides you with a comprehensive view of your business allowing for better business decision-making.

5️⃣ Security 
As a critical consideration, custom software provides access control, data encryption, and user authentication ensuring that your data is secure and safe.

6️⃣ Collaboration
Sharing spreadsheets is a nightmare that leads to data inconsistencies and is prone to errors. Custom software is built for ease of use when collaborating, analyzing, and reporting on large datasets.

7️⃣ Analytics & Reporting
Informed decision-making in business requires good data. Spreadsheets are challenging to spot trends and patterns. A custom-built system will help your business analyze and report on the right data. 

Baby is yelling at the screen because excel spreadsheet just crashed - meme.

We are fully biased. At Volano Software, we build custom workflow software for businesses big and small. So, take our assessment with a grain of salt. However, we have seen a mix or all 7 of the above and attest to the power of converting a system of spreadsheets into a seamless software tool. And the successes speak volumes.

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