Volano Software is an ESOP company.

November 27, 2023

Volano Software – ESOP Company

Volano Software Company based in Omaha, Nebraska announced recently the employees are now co-owners of the software development company. This transition ushers in continued confidence in the team during a challenging time for employee retention for many other software companies. Volano Software, celebrating its 16th year as of 2023, demonstrates its desire to continue to support the surrounding community by investing in the employees who live in and around the Omaha area.

Why now?

By establishing an ESOP in 2023, Volano Software is providing additional financial security and long-term investment for employees. For the business community, Volano Software isn’t going anywhere. “This has been part of our continuity plan—a part of our long-term commitment to our clients to always be there”, says Rod Smith and Don Stavneak, Volano Software Founders and Co-Presidents.

About ESOP Benefits

ESOPs present a unique opportunity for our current employees to become stakeholders in the work we do. We felt that this shared ownership creates a strong sense of connectedness and commitment, as opposed to simply profit sharing or something other than an ESOP. Here are some key benefits for our current employees:

  1. Financial Stake: ESOPs provide our employees with a tangible stake in the success of Volano Software. As our value grows, so does the value of their shares. This financial interest aligns their goals with the company’s growth objectives.
  2. Increased Motivation: With a personal financial interest in the performance of Volano Software, employees will be more motivated and engaged in their work. This results in higher productivity (and sometimes more fun too), which is beneficial for both the employees and the company.
  3. Retirement Security: ESOPs offer a robust retirement plan, in addition to other retirement plan offerings. Over time, the value of the shares can grow substantially, providing a cushion for employee retirement. This alleviates financial worries and fosters long-term loyalty among our employees.
  4. Ownership Culture: Sharing ownership cultivates a culture of transparency, open communication, and trust. Volano employees become more involved in decision-making processes, making them feel valued and heard within our company.
  5. Tax Benefits1: ESOP contributions and distributions can offer certain tax benefits to employees, further enhancing the overall value of participation in the plan.
  6. Continuity of Business: For clients and partners, Volano Software makes a promise to be there to support what has been built. Knowing the employees have stock in the company, emphasizes keeping that promise.

The formation of an ESOP has been a great way for Volano to enhance the culture, attract new top talent (see the Careers page), and provide financial security to our employees. The benefits extend not only to current employees, who enjoy a stake in our success and a secure retirement plan but also to future employees who are attracted by the prospect of shared ownership and long-term commitment.

By implementing an ESOP, Volano Software has been able to cultivate more collaboration, transparency, and ownership that hits all our employees and makes them excited contributors to our growth. It’s a win-win-win for everyone. Plus, you get to hear about what we’ve been up to other than making great software products.2

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About Volano Software Company

We are Volano Software Company, a team of 27 talented members with 16 years of experience designing technical solutions for modern business problems. We have deployed hundreds of software systems each year and continue to provide a proven process in a constantly changing technical world. Conversations are free so give us a call with your challenges and view Volano Software Company as an extension of your business.

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  1. This is not intended as financial advice in any way.
  2. This article is not an exhaustive write-up on an ESOP. For further questions, reach out to us.