Jeremy O’Quin

Jeremy O’Quin

Senior Software Architect

Jeremy O’Quin joined Volano in 2011, and at this point he does…well, everything. Most days he is creating new solutions for his clients, whether resolving an issue they just uncovered or working on greenfield development for a current project. Jeremy left his previous job after feeling “like a robot doing pretty repetitive coding in cube land.” At Volano, he appreciates the variety of companies and clients he gets to work with. When he isn’t working, Jeremy can be found cooking. A lot. He likes to experiment with recipes he finds online, in cookbooks, or from his mom and make them his own. A native of southwest Louisiana, Jeremy likes to make Andouille sausage, gumbo, and other Cajun favorites. Jeremy and his wife have two young, active children. While he manages a lot of projects, people, and processes at work, he says it remains unclear who is running the show at home.
I have yet to work on a project that didn’t have its own unique challenges. We’re truly making custom software for everyone.

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