Steelwool Taking Off

November 28, 2012

Volano’s workflow management tool Steelwool is starting to save our customers time and money. Mark Hennings with Omaha Video Solutions provided a glowing testimonial for Steelwool. Check out the video.


Steelwool is very different from industry specific work management software. The customizability, low cost, local support and simplicity of the tool help ensure companies spend less time on administrative tasks and lost work and more time driving revenue and having meaningful conversations with business partners, clients and prospective clients. We help link your data and tasks to the people who need to do them. Everyone knows what they need to do, what the steps are to reconcile and every step of the way is documented and transparent to managers and owners. The software caters to your process, you don’t need to adjust your process to the software.

Pretty cool. We’re partnering up with some interesting clients and seeing a lot of common themes across diverse industries. Efficiency, accountability and simplicity are in high demand and Steelwool has the answer…