Volano Welcomes Brian Vaughan to the Team

January 23, 2014

Volano Solutions is proud to welcome Brian Vaughan, another exceptional software developer to our team.  Brian brings technical prowess and all of the hard to find intangibles to a group already loaded with talent.  We are very fortunate and look forward to his client engagements and the sense of humor and personality he brings to the table.  Here is Brian in his own words.  My favorite part is where he discusses manipulating his way into the job at Volano.  Ha ha ha…wait, what?

I kind of consider myself an engineer, even though I’ve never taken the electrical engineering FE test. Computer science majors can make computers do whatever they want. Computer engineering majors can make the computer and then make it do whatever they want.

I was always pretty intrigued by computers as a kid. My mom used to bring home her Apple Macintosh computer and I’d play O.G. learning games (Oregon Trail) and make stick figure cars in the Paint program. The first time I really fell in love with the concept of computer programming was when I was around 13. My older cousin had this awesome new game called “Command and Conquer” and I wanted to play it at home. In order to pirate it he had to span a zip file to something like 13 different 3.5” floppies and then wrote me a batch program to unzip it for me when I got home.

After high school I went to UNL for my Computer Engineering degree. One of my first jobs was a computer sales person at Best Buy. I learned all sorts of computer nerd stuff, but I also learned how to work with people and do sales. This will probably make me sound like a sociopath (not recognized in the DSM), but it’s crazy how easy it is to manipulate people into doing what you want them to do. I mean, how do you think I got such an awesome job here?

It took me a few years longer than most to graduate. I mean, why would anyone want to graduate?  I was lucky enough to land an entry level programmer job right out of college (luckily they never asked for my transcript), and then I was promoted a year and a half later because I was so awesome at it.

So now I’m here.  In my spare time I work on cars, hunt, fish, and play computer games. When I’m bored with that I’ll start random hobbies like building a 70hp go kart, becoming a local Bitcoin distributor, learning to fabricate carbon fiber, or create my own botnet.

Welcome to Volano Brian. You’ll fit in nicely here.