Volano Solutions 2nd Anniversary

This Saturday, the 15th of August, marks the 2 year anniversary of Volano Solutions. That’s the official date – we were moonlighting since February of 2005. It all started when Rod and I were kicking around business ideas and looking up URLs. We thought of one, fieldhouse, and found the owner of the URL lived in Omaha. Rod called him, talked about his URL and found out he was consulting at Lindsay Manufacturing and needed some help on an Access database. We told him we could help – and we did a bit of work for Lindsay. We formed our LLC February of 2005 and did some work at nights and weekends. It wasn’t until August 2007 when we finally quit our day jobs to do this thing full-time.

Since then, we’ve hired two employees, have a sub-contractor working about full-time, and a guy who represents us. We moved to the Farm Credit Building and started in a closet – about 200 square foot, now we have multiple rooms in our office and the server rack isn’t next to my ear. It’s definitely been very enjoyable and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Back in April, I had the opportunity to do some pro bono work for the Conference of Inclusive Communities (CFIC). CFIC is trying to make the world a better place by raising awareness and advocates around issues of difference (race, culture, faith, sexual orientation, class and other diversities), and focusing on reducing personal and institutional biases and prejudices.

They were going to have a Humanitarian Dinner in a couple of months and they needed an e-commerce solution for the event registrations. The dinner is one of their most critical fundraising events of the year and they needed someone to get the job done.

Volano Solutions was happy to assist them and the task fell to me. CFIC had an existing form in ASP that they had used previously for something similar. Although most of our projects at Volano are written for the .Net framework, ASP is like a second language to me. I was able to re-work the existing software for their dinner event.

The event was a success! They had over 500 people in attendance and raised $120,000!

Volano Solutions is honored to have had the opportunity to assist the CFIC and wishes them continued success.

“Great acts are made up of small deeds.” – Lao Tzu