Walt Mossberg Review of PeggyBank.com

One of our clients, PeggyBank, was recently given a review by technology journalist Walt Mossberg. You can read the full article here – The Wall Street Journal | PeggyBank.

PeggyBank specializes in the digitization of film and photography. For a fee, they will take old home movies and photographs and convert them into digital format (MPEG & JPEG). Your digital memories are then stored in an online vault which you (and only you) can access from any computer with internet access. From their website you can also easily share your videos/photos with friends and family via email or social media.

Congratulations to PeggyBank and Senior Consultant David Carnely for their recognition.

Over the years, and various employees, we’ve christened a few terms we like to use while playing darts. Each terms is named after an employee who had particular tendencies while playing. I would like to share some of them with you:

The Smith – Busting on a triple/double when you only need a single to win.

The Ultimate Smith – Busting on double bullseye when you only need a single bullseye to win.

The Mos(er) – Missing the board completely.

The Ultimate Mos(er) – Missing the board 3 times in a row.

The Fitch – Missing the board, but you somehow get a double anyways.

The Ultimate Fitch – Hitting an 18 but the board gives you a bullseye.

The Pineda – Busting because you can’t do math.

The Doug – Closing out all your marks in cricket with absolutely no points.

The Heeg – Starting the game with a 100+ point round and doing terrible the rest of the game.

The Carnley – Hitting the rail of the number you need.

The Jensen – When everyone can feel the vibration from the dart hitting the board at 90 MPH.

The Brandon – When nobody wants to play with you because you’re too good.

The Stavneak – Not sure how to describe this in words, so here’s an image:

The Stavneak
The Stavneak

After 2 years of loyal service to Volano we recently had to part with a valued member of our team. Losing a team member is never easy, and I would like to share a few thoughts regarding his stay with us.

Volano has high expectations for all its team members, and his case was no different. We often demanded more from him than we should have, but he always came through for us. This team member was witness to numerous hours of debauchery and drinking and all the while maintained true to his cause. He was with us for the crowning of many great champions and the heckling of those who fell short. He was one of us, a friend who will be sincerely missed. So from all of us here at Volano, we would like to thank Ted (our company dart board) for all his faithful years of service. While he will likely be replaced, his memory will live on.