A Volano Valentine

February 11, 2013

This week greeting card makers, florists, jewelers, restaurants and chocolatiers will reap the windfall of our otherwise perennial apathy toward demonstrating affection toward our loved ones. Like green beer on St. Pat’s Day and deficit spending before Christmas, we’ll all try and pack fantastic amounts of attention into a day that might otherwise be doled out in smaller, more consistent increments throughout the year. But Volano is a little different. Hang in there with me on the metaphor…

All good relationships are about commitment. Volano’s business comes primarily from clients with whom we’ve worked in the past and businesses who heard good things about us from said clients. This has helped us grow as we approach our 6th year of business. Like love, you get what you give. Some of our customers have been in toxic relationships with other software providers who have not listened to their needs and failed to deliver consistently. That this is a technology industry does not forgive the importance of commitment and follow-up.

Communication is key in all healthy relationships. When we work with a client, the developer assigned to the project will be the one interfacing with the client and will lead regular status (iteration) meetings to ensure we’re all on the same page. No time is wasted customizing software that does not serve our clients’ business purpose.

So this week, as in all weeks, Volano will continue to show our clients love. We’ll deliver on what they need, not what we’d like to sell them. We’ll be honest and transparent. We’ll listen. We won’t take you for granted. And as always, we’ll try harder not to beat you over the head with heavy-handed analogies.