Code, trophies, and Scott – not the toilet paper.

March 26, 2012
code camp trophy

Volano sponsored the Nebraska Code Camp Challenge this year.  I’d include a link, but you won’t find us on the sponsor page.

Nah – we’re not bitter.

With your mad coding skillz you could have earned a sweet trophy like this (and cash to boot.)  Heck, I’d say you could even include a picture of it in your list of references when looking for a new job.  You could apply at Volano!

Scott Hanselman (from Microsoft) was the keynote speaker, he was great.  Definately worth the trip just to see the keynote.  Scott did personally request that we link to him.  He’s trying to outrank Scott toilet paper.  What a valiant effort; goals are important.  I felt obliged to help him with his endeavour.  With the traffic this blog gets I’m certain he’ll attain glory very, very soon.

He had many fun quotes, here are a couple of good ones:

Grandpa Vernon said the same things when cleaning the garage.  Huh.