Company DNA

June 11, 2009

I’m so glad the talks from Big Omaha are being posted. It’s giving me a chance to listen to them again and reflect a little more on what I would consider was the best conference that I’ve been to – not that I’m a connoisseur of conferences – but it was damn good. One of the things I thought about today was Gary Vaynerchuck’s statement about how “DNA is one powerful son-of-a-bitch”. This has been my opinion as well, I’ve said that people are wired for certain things. I also believe that only about 20 percent of developers out there are good. This 20 percent are the ones with the DNA, that are wired for it and no amount of practice will make someone who doesn’t have the DNA be part of that good 20 percent. Just like I will never beat Lebron at basketball or Federer at tennis – and there are plenty of developers that I’ll never measure up to when it comes to cuttin’ code and it has nothing to do with practice or training or learning.

How about a whole company? Is it wired to do something and that’s its destiny? I’m not a dick enough to say we’re the best at custom line of business applications, but I’d say we’re pretty damn good at what we do. But I want to have products to push, I want to honestly say that we’re a software company – not a consulting company, because I never wanted to set out to build the greatest consulting company, I want to build a software company that has products that others find useful enough to give us some of their money for.