Finger on the Pulse

June 14, 2013

Volano Solutions has built a loyal customer base over the years of small to mid-sized companies and non-profits that needed insight and help on software solutions. As is the case with many businesses, the more clients you work with, the larger your network grows and custom development projects are not as hard to find. But you do need to find them. Last year Volano paid out over $70K in commissions to peers and partners who referred us to companies considering software changes resulting in custom work.

people at a conference table in a meeting

Omaha is a great example of a community where you are always one connection away from the connection. We like to tell our story and stay as connected as we can without compromising the obligation of tasks at hand. However, in business and software consulting, part of the task at hand is ensuring that you play an active role in helping your peers connect and engage with their potential partners. Reciprocity. Long ball. It’s hard to turn down meetings when you know that every conversation results in some new piece of information or a strengthened relationship. Volano has always been an open book company. We like to keep up with our peers and understand the marketplace. You get that from opening your doors and telling people about the work you do.

We are always interested in learning about companies that may be at a point where their current systems and process won’t scale with their growth. Meeting with these companies doesn’t always result in winning business. In fact, more often than not, it doesn’t. However, there is value for us in exploring the opportunity and offering consultation, even if it’s only to recommend the client that they buy off the shelf software that more suitably meets their needs and budget. We are happy to pay for these kinds of referrals when they result in business.