Getting Pumped

March 23, 2012
How many pushups can you do?

With Memorial Day quickly approaching the Volano boys wanted to start sculpting out their pool side pecs. With the help of hundredpushups.com we have begun a six week workout regiment that will, without question, result in a team of well toned and muscular employees.

We have two basic rules during our workout: No shirts, and no complaining, although nobody seems to be paying heed to rule one.

After our first official workout we realized that we needed to break off into separate groups. The margin of fitness between most of the employees was pretty significant, in short, everybody got tired of waiting for Rod to finish his pushups.

Here’s a breakdown of what our groups look like:

Group AFitness King 


• Brandon

Group BThe Cronies 


• Shane

• David

• Derek

Group CJust Here for Show 


• Don

• Rod

I’ll be posting the results of our little foray into the world of fitness in 6 weeks at the culmination of the challenge. Feel free to place bets on who comes out on top, although with a little discretion you should already know who that will be.