Great business software provides transparency

July 2, 2015
Custom software provides transparency.

I bet your clients demand transparency. In fact, every level of your business likely demands transparency. What kind of transparency can software create? Communication and collaboration.

For example: At Volano our deliverable is most often the billable hour. This is our “unit of work.” It is very important that Volano’s consultants have the ability to track their time appropriately. It is also important that we be able to give our clients a snapshot of their project on a regular basis. So, we track our time in a time system that is custom built for us – we call it TimeFly and our very own Don Stavneak wrote it for us! TimeFly is perfectly tailored to suit our needs, but we’d sell you a copy 🙂

The bottom line is that TimeFly allows us to transparently and accurately share project status and budget with our clients weekly, monthly, and on-demand. This is how custom software helps us to communicate both internally, and with our clients.

Action Card
Another example is Action Card. Volano created Action Card to allow multi-location businesses to communicate and collaborate throughout the corporate hierarchy. A district manager can check-in at an outlying location and conduct a review…complete with pictures and scoring. The review is instantly shared with the location’s corporate hierarchy. This includes the location’s owner, as well as corporate. All outcomes are tracked as ‘action items’ through a closed-loop communication system. What has been completed and more importantly – what hasn’t, is transparent to all parties involved.

A business owner summed up Action Card this way:

“No more paper notes or email. No more wondering. By using Action Card, I KNOW what happened!”

Now that’s what we call transparency.