Hungry? The Big Omaha Snack Menu

May 8, 2013

As you may have read last week, Volano Solutions is sponsoring the snack and beverage tables at Big Omaha on Thursday and Friday.

We’re joining the excitement of the other 600 attendees who’ll network, learn, and have a little fun Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

And as sponsor of the Big Omaha snack and beverage table, we’re delighted to announce the tasty selections that will be available to fellow attendees (and speakers) this week at KANEKO.

Which options will you grab this week? Comment below!

We’re counting down the hours until Big Omaha kicks off, with the opening party this evening at Slowdown, followed by two solid days of conference speakers. Be sure to say hello at @volanosolutions on Twitter (using #bigomaha within your tweet).