Learn Constantly and Be Happy

August 13, 2015

Our team at Volano is a pretty happy bunch. It’s a big part of our culture and is evident in our core values.

A recent blog post on the Huffington Post talks about how Dr. Kaufman analyzed 24 traits of 517 individuals and looked for associations to happiness. It so happened that two traits were significant predictors of happiness, or as the psychologists call it, well-being.

The first is a pretty well-known driver of well-being and that is gratitude.

The second actually ties directly into our top core value at Volano – “Love of Learning“. Our core values are very important to us. They are a part of the hiring process and part of every review. Topping the list of our core values is “Learn Constantly“.

Every day we give our team ample opportunity to learn constantly and everyone on our team embraces the challenge.  Our culture would not be fun and we wouldn’t be happy doing what we do if we didn’t have the keg, the whiskey Wednesdays, the darts, the Sonos jukebox…

But most importantly, seriously, if we didn’t have our deep love of learning constantly.