Lunch Locations

April 10, 2012

When going out to lunch, downtown Omaha has a fairly wide assortment of restaurants and cafes to choose from. While it’s fun to try new places, you’ll eventually come to appreciate the taste of certain establishments over others. Volano is no exception and over the years has developed a list of locations that we feel serve some of the best cuisine in the area. Here is our list of the top 3 choices for lunch in downtown Omaha.

1. Doozy’s

This has become somewhat of a rite-of-passage for all new employees. The Doozy’s 7″ italian has been a staple of the Volano diet for over 4 years, and rightly so. At one point we considered relocating our headquarters, but the idea of losing our favorite mid morning sandwich shop is more than we could bare.

2. Taco Del Ray

Serving some of the best tacos (pupusas) in Omaha. They carry the typical selection of traditional tacos (beef, chicken, pork), but if you’re up for something a little different give their lingua (tongue) tacos a try.

3. Big Horn BBQ

It’s a bit of a drive from 19th and Farnam, but we all agree the commute is worth it. Steak fries and BBQ are a great way to cap off a long week. We usually stick with the brisket sandwich, but they have a good variety of other animal parts to choose from too.