New Volano Intern Not Here to Fetch Coffee

May 16, 2013
Jordan works at Volano

Volano recently hired Jordan White to help kick off development of new software product. Jordan, a Computer Engineering major at Iowa State is excited about the opportunity. “I feel very comfortable with the staff here. I like it at Volano and feel at home.” While most of his peers are taking summer courses or holding down restaurant and service jobs to earn some summer scratch, Jordan is writing pre-development narrative and technical project scope necessary to the design of databases and tables that will eventually become client interfacing software.

Jordan has demonstrated early on old-school work ethic, a positive attitude, sense of humor and an uncommon proficiency in darts for someone so new. Although he is not overly effusive, he is clearly driven. “I’m eager to get going here. I’m de-bugging a lot of my own code and learning now but can’t wait to start building software.”

Volano continue to engage clients and new clients in custom software projects. We are also rolling out the latest version of our workflow management software Steelwool this week. Having talented people is the catalyst to our continued growth and for out traction in the software product word. We’re excited to work with Jordan and it’s fun to see young people early on in what we are certain will be a bright, innovative career in computer software. The fact that he’s a nice guy whose biggest sin is his occasional deviation from indie music into 90’s rock makes him all the more endearing to the staff.