Notes from the Mastercraft

December 5, 2014

Today Volano finishes our first week in the Mastercraft building. The space is starting to look like home but needs a few finishing touches yet. We should have running water next week but made sure that the kegerator was in full working order with a fresh 5 gallons of Alestorm from Nebraska Brewing Company. To many of you who might not be familiar with the Mastercraft Building, this is an aesthetically cool, deco-style building full of innovative tenants and we’re thrilled to be a part of the dynamic. A little about the space.

Volano's Kegerator


The 140,000 square foot Mastercraft Furniture business located at 1111 N. 13th St was originally owned by the Katzman family. The business opened its doors in 1941. In 2003 the family sold the building to Bob Grinnell. Bob, who credits the success of the building’s occupancy and design to his listing representative and architect, is active int he ongoing growth and well-being of the space. North of TD Ameritrade Park and a stone’s throw from Hot Shops, The Slowdown, Film Streams, Blatt Beer and Table and The Century Link Center, the building utilizes a previously neglected space and has quietly attracted a group of professionals who play key roles in supporting small businesses and start-up companies. The building has become a symbol of  Omaha’s increasingly recognized status as a cultural and creative center. This is a key reason we felt the need to be here.

Volano Software's offices at the Mastercraft Building, view 1
Volano Software's offices at the Mastercraft Building, view 2


Volano also wanted to create an environment for our development team that lined up well with our core values; constantly learn, perform to completion, take pride in our work, adapt easily and be fun. I think the space represents these values. As an Omaha-based custom software developer, we understand the landscape and intersection of design and utility, time and materials and the value of risk and innovation. The Mastercraft represents all of these things. An informal straw poll of our team validates that.

Volano Office Interior, view 1
Volano Office Interior, view 2

Cracking Wise

Shane: “I like not having to park a 1/4  mile away from the building. This will be even more coveted in the coming months. On the other hand, I no longer walk a 1/4 mile a day, which was the extent of my daily exercise.”

Brian:  “Pros: I like the type of people here, the start-up vibe, and cleanliness and utilitarianism of the building. Cons: There’s something about the acoustics that prevents me from understanding what people are saying.”

(Don’t tell Brian but this is a week’s long practical joke on him. Seems to be working).

David: “I like how my wife can’t find it, even with Google maps.”

(Doubt she’s looking very hard).

Rod: “I’ve not missed the elevator rides one bit.”

Kelly: “As long as I leave a trail of bread crumbs, I rarely get lost in the building any more. It’s nice to be 75% sure of how to get back to your car.”

(No one else has the broken internal compass issues Kelly has. Exception not the rule).

We look forward to meeting the tenants whom we don’t already know well and have an open-door policy at suite 208. Volano likes to play darts and have a cocktail on Friday afternoons at 4:30 and would love to see anyone who is interested in stopping by.