Custom interactive website provides significant value for ag industry members

Ag Processing Inc (AGP®) is a leading agribusiness engaged in procuring, processing, marketing, and transporting oilseeds, grains, and related products. Since its creation in 1983, AGP has grown in size, scope, and reputation – both in the U.S. and internationally. Today, AGP owners include 147 local and regional cooperatives representing more than 250,000 farmers throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company’s businesses include soybean processing, vegetable oil refining, renewable fuels, ag products/grain, and international operations. AGP is the largest cooperative soybean processing company in the world and a leading supplier of soybean meal and refined vegetable oils. AGP operates ten soybean processing plants in Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota as well as four soybean oil refineries and three biodiesel production facilities. In addition to its commodity-based products, AGP’s branded products include SoyGold® (biodiesel) and AminoPlus® (bypass protein).

The Problem

AGP was looking for a website design firm and technology partner that could design a new website and handle all technical aspects of launching and supporting the site. To find the best partner, AGP initiated an RFP process to select a company that aligned with AGP’s ethos and could meet its needs. DAAKE, a design and rebranding firm, partnered with Volano to answer the RFP. After an in-depth selection process, DAAKE would become the design agency and Volano would become the technology firm.

The Solution

Once DAAKE finished the designs, Volano created the website in a popular content management system. We also integrated numerous interactive features, including a commodities feed from DTN, an interactive map, and a robust event registration system custom built for AGP’s yearly conference. We trained AGP’s staff on how to use the content management system and reviewed the most important aspects of Google Analytics.

The Outcome

With much fanfare, the website was launched during AGP’s annual shareholder event. The site was well received and has inspired AGP to provide more information and value to its members through digital channels. Volano has supported the site since its launch by performing updates and adding new features.

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