World class job search will increase number of applicants

Triage Medical Staffing specializes in finding 13-week assignments for nurses and allied healthcare professionals across the US. In the last year, they have been recognized as: the top reviewed staffing agency by BluePipes.com, one of the Best Overall staffing agencies by The Gypsy Nurse, and one of the Top 10 Travel Healthcare companies by Highway Hypodermics.

The Problem

Triage is a people first company.  They strive to build relationships that are deeper than a simple business transaction.  However, with their industry, like many, the first contact point is often through their website.  With that, it is important that the website be finely tuned to achieve its objective – encourage the healthcare professional to apply now. Triage had done their homework and knew how the site ultimately would work, and had great web designs in the can, but they were struggling with the technology.  They needed a technology partner that could get them to the finish line and not break the bank.  A Volano friend introduced us to the Triage team and we rolled up our sleeves to meet the challenge.

The Solution

Most of our clients need a more robust system; in this case the challenge was to simplify the solution.  The previous partner had implemented an overly complex scheme that was heavy on buzz words but was under performing.  Volano worked through our ‘software adoption’ engagement and quickly right sized the solution.  With some fine tuning and additional features we optimized the site and made good our budgetary promises as well.

The Outcome

Volano continues to support the Triage mission and vision by augmenting the site with new features, building additional system integrations, and helping with the recruiting workflow.

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