Software rots!

January 13, 2021

One definition of rot is the process of deteriorationSomething that decays over time

By this standard – software rots like food in the Nebraska heat.  It’s true.  If your software isn’t regularly updated, it deteriorates and breaks down. 

Consider this – software is written to work at a moment in time…but time marches on.  Your browser automatically gets updated every couple of weeks.  The operating system that runs your computer gets automatically updated on most Tuesdays.  WordPress, which likely runs your website, has a new revision every few months.  With each one of these updates, your business software becomes older and further out of date.  You shouldn’t plan to ‘set it and forget it’.  It is likely your back-office systems were a strategic investment that required a capital outlay.  It is also likely that keeping your systems updated will cost less than replacing them more frequently.

At Volano we offer three tiers of support services:

  1. Software Assurance – a full fractional team that will maintain and augment your software and provide world class service because your software is your competitive advantage.  
  2. Budgeted Support – a developer will maintain your software and manage to your budget.  Volano will “always be there” in a timely fashion to support your mission.
  3. Service Calls for those who are reactive and do not consider their software a competitive advantage.

Volano has a long track record of creating software systems that lasts many (10+) years.  The secret to the longevity is diligently supporting the asset after it has been created.