Steelwool Launch Party

July 13, 2012

Thanks to those who joined us for beer and pizza at the Pizza Shoppe Collective for the SPN meetup last night. We packed the place – even the cashier noted that we had a successful event. Unfortunately, not everyone that hoped to make it could attend. Here is a summary of our talking points and the presentation.

Steelwool Launch Party
Steelwool Launch Party

What is Steelwool

Volano builds custom software that allows businesses to track the work they do through their processes.
Steelwool provides some of the basic functions of our typical custom software in a tidy ‘Web 2.0’ package that is hosted in the cloud. It is purchased on a month-to-month basis.

It is not task management or project management. It is WORK MANAGEMENT; this is term that we are coining as it best describes what Steelwool does. More to come later on this topic.

With Steelwool, you configure your team, your process and the fields you want to track.

When your team is doing work, they know what they’re responsible for because the items are in their queue when they log in. While working, the users can update fields, attach files/photos, GPS location and move the item to the next step. With Steelwool you will know where everything is at in your process.

Steelwool is available on the web, on the iPhone and the iPad. Steelwool has an API, so it can be integrated with your other systems too.

Here is a conceptual video of Steelwool:


We plan to bring Steelwool to market with the help of resellers. A reseller should have specific knowledge about a particular vertical. There are too many to list, but for instance architecture firms, home health agencies, or hospitality.

Volano will work closely with each resellers to provide them the support they need to be successful. We expect that support will take form of lead generation, pre-sales engineering, and demonstration support.

Since Steelwool is software-as-a-service, commission will be recurring.

Want to know more – http://www.steelwoolapp.com/contact

Don and Rod Unveiling Steelwool
Don and Rod Unveiling Steelwool