Steelwool Launches Version 2.0 Today!

December 31, 2012

Volano Solutions is proud to announce the release of Steelwool 2.0! Over the last several months we’ve received positive feedback from local businesses on the necessity of managing work in a linear, documented process. As businesses grow, work habits that helped get you there may not be the ones that will be effective as volume increases. Steelwool ensures that business owners have maximum visibility into their process and the status of their work. Users enjoy the simplicity of the application and the clarity it provides on the status of their daily tasks.

Here are a few key improvements from the previous version:

New Configuration Wizard – Allows you to adjust Steelwool to match your process as you evolve operationally. Add tasks, users and work queues and arrange them in the order your process requires.

Form Builder – Very simple drag and drop configuration of the data fields you want to track in your workflow process.

Help Text on Fields – Steelwool was designed for simplicity and for people who may not be software wonks. Help Texts will minimize mistakes and create uniformity and compliance to your work process.

View Completed Work any time – It may be off your to-do list and out of the active work flow funnel but necessary for review

30-day trial – Volano is first and foremost a software consultancy. How we customize Steelwool for you, based on your direction and vision may change as your people start using it. A 30 day trial should give us a few mulligans as we ensure that everything is configured optimally for your organization.

We’ve had some really great meetings with local businesses and non-profits and more scheduled in January. We are busy working with some great partners in diverse industries in the design and integration phase of Steelwool. And we’re just getting warmed up! Future versions will include some cool mobile enhancements including an Android App, the ability to open files from your phone, a sleek user-interface for the iPhone and the ability to upload video taken from your cell phone into Steelwool. Lots of cool stuff in the pipeline.

If you’re interested in learning more about whether or not Steelwool can help you manage work, call us any time at 402-658-5034.