Steve Drucker joins Volano Solutions

April 8, 2015

I don’t know if the guys who have come before me know how lucky they were to have had Kelly to write their blog for them. Writing a short biography should be easy (who else has this breadth of knowledge on such a wonderful subject?) but as I sit here on my 10th attempt I find myself with a growing respect for the people who get it done (as well as wondering how much ghost writers go for these days.)

I have been developing on the .NET stack for 13 years now.  I guess that would be sometime after the original Nintendo came out but before the Facebooks. I graduated from UNO’s Peter Kiewit Center for Technology and have run the gamut of industries, paradigms and platforms for everybody from small start-ups to established commercial software firms supporting over thirty thousand users.

I was asked recently if I thought of myself as a craftsman. Up until the second the guy asked me, I had not but the second he exposed me to the idea I saw it had merit. I love overcoming challenges but that in and of itself isn’t my ultimate goal. I want to overcome people’s technology challenges in a way that each system, application or object is a cog in a precision instrument.  An application is all about bottom lines and improved processes from an end users perspective but to the developer it is a chance to seize the day and make a difference. I really want the difference I make to be more Rolex then Swatch (not that swatches are bad) and I strive for that with every line of code I write.

In my free time, I like to spend time with my kids and pets, play video games and code! I am currently working on a web site for the gaming community I hope to release soon.