The Employees You Want

January 31, 2013

There are two types of people in the world: those who take responsibility and those who shun it.

I have always had a problem with those who shun responsibility – especially in the workplace.
They are the people who place office politics and covering their ass over being productive.
Not the kind of employees I want on my team.

The employees you want are the ones who take responsibility – who actually thrive on being accountable for the work they do.
They are the curve-busters. They upset the others who are happy with just getting by.

Don’t waste your time on the people who will dodge responsibility every chance they can – instead, you must foster an environment that is built upon accountability. This kind of company culture will attract and retain the people you want in your organization.

Our company values are:

The two to highlight here are Complete and Pride. Without taking on responsibility, you will probably not perform to completion and the result of your work will not be something you can look at with pride.

The people who will be your biggest producers want to know what they are responsible and accountable for when they walk into work everyday. The extremists even want to know what else is within their reach so they can tackle that as well!

This is the whole philosophy behind the work queues that are on your home page when you log into Steelwool. As soon as you sign in, you see what work has been directly assigned to you as well as everything that is the responsibility of your team. When you have completed your work you move it along to the next step, go back to your home page and see what your next priority is.

Simply, you give the best employees in your office the tools and environment to thrive.