November 15, 2011

I realized last night that even though Volano is a little over four years old, we have a bit of tradition. I think tradition comes from taking a routine and making it significant. I worked for a company once that had beers on Fridays. The department responsible for picking up the beer order was on the corporate calendar. They did not miss a beer:30 during the 14 years (at the time). I enjoyed that tradition and is probably where some of my want for tradition at Volano stems from.

We have drinks and play darts on Friday.

Everyone gets a Herman-Miller chair on their one year anniversary (I didn’t think about attrition when I came up with this one, so we have some newbies sitting in nice chairs now – it just doesn’t seem right to have nice chairs sitting in the corner).

We have purchased an office Christmas present every year.

  1. We were just 3 months old and were probably naughty – so no present.
  2. Dart Board
  3. Mini Bar
  4. Desks from IKEA (we were using plastic folding tables previously).

And now it’s the 5 year, I really wanted a couch and area rug for Rod and my office. I want a place for us to sit and discuss the projects we have on the board, a more creative space to architect the solutions and troubleshoot the problems at hand. Make the office a little cozier.

So Rod and I went to NFM and picked up the couch and a coffee table. I think it makes a nice addition to our office.

Volano's Office Couch