Veni Vidi Vici! An Intern Whose Stock is Rising

August 15, 2013
Our intern Jordan grows up

On Friday Volano will bid farewell to Jordan White, one of the best interns to never fetch coffee or dry-cleaning for a company.  In the Spring we posted this in an effort to attract a good pool of potential interns who could do some light coding for us.  Our vision was to offer a meaningful opportunity for a college student interested in technology to put theory to the test.  Jordan came to us from Iowa State, a kid from across the river who more than exceeded our expectations.

Jordan wanted to get some real world experience and was a Computer Engineering major.

“I wasn’t expecting the opportunity to be so self-structured.  I really liked the freedom to work at my own pace and learn what I needed to learn for the internship.”

Jordan was happy to be in an office coding, not in a fast-food joint, flipping burgers for some spare school cash.  He hadn’t expected to be given as much responsibility and autonomy.  “I think my biggest takeaway is the exposure an experience I got to languages like C# and HTML.  I also got to work in Visual Studio and am more confident with this program.”

I spoke to Jordan today and he said that prior to working at Volano, he had no concept of workflow systems and processes from a business standpoint.  Since starting with us at the beginning of Summer, Jordan has worked on a new mobile application for auditing brand standards at franchise locations, lead iteration meetings with the Volano partners, participated in an on-site client demonstration, honed his dart-throwing skills and with Herculean resolve and little help from Volano, respected and adhered to the minimum drinking age laws at all times.  We’ll be eager to keep tabs on Jordan as he heads back to school and will miss him around the office.  He conducted himself professionally and was open to constructive feedback, always maintaining a positive attitude.  How do you not like a guy who washes Pop-Tarts down with Dr. Pepper while talking shop?