Video: How the Volano Culture Delivers for Clients

September 10, 2015

Yeah, I would love to come in, soak in some third party information about a client, and code for eight hours to create customized software for a company and process I know little to nothing about. Said no software developer ever.

It can be hard for some to wrap their head around what we do here at Volano. Put simply, we build customized software to improve and automate workflow processes, but there’s more to it. While we are in a very specific niche of the software industry, our company culture differentiates us even further.

How We Make Work Flow

When we take an organization from spreadsheets and whiteboards to fully automated workflow solutions, we do it differently. We take out the middleman. Instead of the client, project manager, business analyst and software developer playing a rousing game of telephone with boat loads of information, our developers work directly with our clients. This allows not only for transparent communication and expectations going both ways, but this direct interaction facilitates a bond between the software developer and the person using the software.

Our unique approach to workflow solutions eliminates creative roadblocks in the process -perhaps one of the strongest and most overlooked parts. When the client and developer have their own cohesion, we have found that this fosters the most comprehensive, yet simplistic of solutions. When we first meet with clients, we explain that this won’t be your typical development project and by the way, meet your software developer…

Meet Your Developer

We realize that every organization will have their differentiator –The [Company Name] Difference! We chose not to get too complicated with it. We follow the school of thought that satisfied, engaged employees make satisfied, engaged clients. So far, it’s working out phenomenally.

Creating a work-life balance for employees is no doubt an investment, but it’s one with amazing returns. Software developers aren’t a dime a dozen, and software developers who invest discretionary effort into their work are most certainly not a dime a dozen. We like to keep things laid back in office -beer, darts, casual conversation -all welcome around here. Burnout is a very real thing in this industry, so we crafted our company culture and management style with that in mind. Beyond the physical work environment at Volano, these are the folks our clients are interacting with, these are our brand ambassadors, if they’re not happy and engaged, it shows.

So, yeah, you could call it the Volano Difference (insert stock photo of business person smiling here). Our company culture was thoughtfully made a solid part of our strategy. We create effective solutions for businesses with a unique approach that goes beyond your typical project interaction. We dive in, we build things, and we make work flow.