Meet Your Software Developer

November 12, 2015

We’re kind of like the Chandler Bing of companies. No one ever really seems to understand what we do, until they see it in action. So, our product is aptly named, Action Card. Action Card’s mobile and web-based solution eliminates time-consuming paper reviews adding efficiencies to field visits. It helps users identify, track and reconcile action items critical to compliance and brand standards.

This is the perfect example of what we do, except we do it on a totally customized level. We take flawed, inefficient processes and make them flow. We don’t just see kinks and fix them, we take a holistic view of vital workflows, and figure out how technology can make those processes smooth, efficient, and automated from start to finish. It’s not only our products and services that are unique, we also offer a very different client experience. One client said,

“Volano has a unique management style that I learned only after contracting with them and getting to really work with their team. Rod is one of the persons who organized the scope of the project for us where he also introduced us to the actual programmer who would be doing the work, so I felt like there was a real coherence and consistency among their team. But it really helped me understand that this wasn’t going to be the typical development project where an organization got me to an 80% solution, but got me to a 100% solution.”

Catch this client testimonial in a short video, here.

In your typical development project, there is usually a project manager and business analyst stuck between the developer and the person using the software. Our software is aimed at creating more effective processes, so it only makes sense that we set out to find the most effective process to do exactly that. So, we took out the middle man and chose to emphasize support and accountability. Now, the person using the software is working directly with the person developing it. This creates a bond that encourages transparent communication.

Our developers don’t hear about the client’s needs second- or third-hand, they visit, talk and ask questions to find out where the pain points are. We don’t buy-in to the notion that software developers want to be head down, earbuds in, and void of client contact. That’s a stereotype that Volano developers gladly demolishes on a daily basis.

On the contrary, at Volano, our developers revel in that moment when a client says, “Yes, this is it, this is exactly what we need!” We believe that these such gratifying experiences are a driving force behind what makes our team different. It’s motivating when you’re present for that “Aha!” moment. It encourages Volano developers to invest in clients, in a way that doesn’t happen when roadblocks and go-betweens are standing in the way.

Like our client said, most projects end with an 80% solution. That last 20% is where a lot of the back and forth and trial and error take place. By eliminating the middle-man, we can get through that 20% with the client. 5 phone calls turn into 1, 5 meetings turn into 2. By offering a more efficient process, we can offer a more effective solution, and that’s exactly what we would like to do for you.