Volano Solutions Imports a Senior Developer

April 2, 2013

Volano Solutions welcomed senior developer Rob Larkin to the company Monday. Rob relocated from sunny Florida to come back to Omaha where he had lived before for a short time, a testament to the new appeal of Omaha and a fortunate turn of events for Volano. Rob and Volano have been talking for months and finally worked out the transition plan which resulted in his April start date. We’re very fortunate to have another developer with Rob’s technical abilities and soft skills with people.

Rob has taught computer training classes on software and hardware in Lakeland Florida and even worked with local retirement communities fixing and re-building members’ personal computers. He and his wife have a 14 month old daughter, Aeval, and returned to Omaha to raise Aeval in a wholesome community. Rob said that his wife loves Omaha and backs it up with a “O.NE Love” tattoo. The jury is out on whether or not Rob will get a Volano tattoo to compliment and apparently for legal reasons we are not able to mandate that our employees get tattoos. We checked.

Rob is a self-taught in software development, used to drive tractor trailers all over the country, pursues amateur photography and even created a free mouse gesture utility for Windows called StrokesPlus (http://www.strokesplus.com). Like all of our developers, Rob likes to learn all of the time and wanted to be a part of building custom software that helps our clients in a tangible way. His short term goals are to learn as much as he can about the consulting side of the software industry, a good compliment to his technical prowess.

Rob is now the second senior developer recently hired by Volano Solutions this year. We’re excited about the dynamic and expertise our new people bring to the table and feel strongly that they will enhance our company culture and the experience our clients have when working with us on software engagements.

Rob and Aeval