Volano Springs into a New Quarter

April 1, 2013

Volano Hires New Senior Developer

Volano is thrilled to welcome Senior Developer Erin Hawkins to our team today. Erin brings a great combination of relevant coding skills and the ability to lead projects and work directly with clients on comprehensive, custom software development.

Erin works at Volano

We are excited to bring Erin as we continue to grow. Erin has an impressive resume and will no doubt help Volano continue to delight our clients and expand our client base. Her dart-throwing skills have yet to be determined, however, during her interview she was accompanied by her Dart Caddy who carried with him a large velvet-encased dart carrier. All communication during the interview took place between the Volano partners and Erin’s Dart Caddy which contrary to conventional wisdom, turned out to be an impressive tactical interviewing move on Erin’s part.

Steelwool Update

The feature enhancements that went live last week will help Steelwool continue to gain traction in the local market. We welcomed a new client in the real-estate sector and are continuing to get the word out about our workflow management product. Check out www.steelwoolapp.com if you’d like to create a trial workflow and tell us about your experience. We have several clients completing their initial trial over the next two weeks.

Midlands Business Journal

Look for Volano in the upcoming Midlands Business Journal. Don Stavneak and Rod Smith had a nice interview last week with them to discuss what we’re doing at Volano. We’re hoping the article generates a lot of sales calls and solicitations. The best number to reach us on if you’d like to pitch us on your product is 867-5309.