Wanted: Good Software Developer

May 20, 2014
Dart skills a must. Coding skills a "nice to have."
Dart skills a must. Coding skills a “nice to have.”

As Volano continues to grow, we find ourselves again in need of a good developer to help us build custom software solutions for our clients. We’ve had a great run recruiting highly skilled, resourceful people who collaborate well with each other and communicate effectively with our clients and we want to find someone who will fit well into that culture. Our blogs tell our story. However, it certainly bears repeating for any potential candidates out there or anyone who knows one that might fit in well here.

Who is Volano?

Volano Solutions is a seven year Omaha-based custom software consultant. Founded by two coders, we understand how to build software that delights our clients and we understand well the importance that culture and environment have in that process. Our people create and build. They also work directly with our clients to ensure that what is needed is being built and that it’s done on time. That means that we look for both technical proficiency and strong communication skills. We also value resourcefulness, talent for problem-solving and people who are genuinely passionate about writing code. Those attributes are the building blocks necessary for newer developers to get their chops and senior staff to continue keeping their skills sharp. A sense of humor definitely helps.

So regarding the environment… Our team likes to play tunes on Sonos. It’s not uncommon to hear Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine on the same day that the older folk are getting the “Led” out. From Dire Straits to Black Keys to the Ronettes and 60’s Motown, we like to keep it hopping. At 3:01 we head down to the 6th floor for a game of darts. On Friday afternoon we shut down a little early, grab cocktails and beers and head down for more darts. First one there gets to play their music. We have one developer who will sing along to certain songs entirely in Chicken, substituting words with clucks and it’s as amazing as it is weird. OK, scratch that last part. Not a selling point… Team lunches are not infrequent and in my brief tenure I’ve enjoyed two killer Christmas parties, numerous team lunches, a field trip to the movies one afternoon and a lot of camaraderie.

 Technical Skills

Volano works primarily in Microsoft technologies and code ASP.NET MVC using C#. Having experience in SQL Server and knowledge in using jQuery and the Entity Framework are nice to have. Volano is a place where you need to be communicative, have a good attitude and have the aptitude to lead a number of projects for a variety of businesses. If you’re interested or know someone who might be, reach out to us today or e-mail [email protected]. We also have a $2,500 referral bonus.