When hiring a software development company, the secret is hiring local.

May 23, 2022
Omaha Nebraska at dusk. Visual of Volano Software we call omaha home.

Our local communities thrive because of small to mid-sized businesses like yours. You bring value to the local economy through jobs and in turn produce growth and innovation. Because of this, we at Volano Software believe that building custom software for businesses and local organizations should be a local affair (we understand you have other options). We want to help build great software but also a great thriving community that we and our future generations feel privileged to enjoy.   

So why put a focus on local? For a software development shop that is good at its craft, building the technology is not the challenge. The real challenge is understanding the full scope of the business and application requirements. We also know when building workflow software for a small business, the original specification (spec) is not likely to be the final outcome. Dealing with intricate and changing specs requires close collaboration and a partner you can trust. This takes time and meetings and because of that, a more localized partner that understands your environment, business, culture, and your customers is a huge benefit. With that said, what are all the benefits of working with software developers in your community?

Communication & Collaboration

The Project Management Institute (PMI) reported in the Pulse of the Profession® that poor communication is the number one reason why projects fail. In fact, PMI states that poor communication is a contributing factor in 56% of the projects that failed. A key to our success is by working directly with the developers in turn reducing the risk of project failure.

Community Re-investment

Beyond the collaboration aspects, there are the intrinsic benefits of working with a development company that is invested in the community. We employ your neighbors, we rent office space from other local entrepreneurs, and we work hard to build our reputation. And that trickle-down effect helps communities and your business thrive.

Long-term Relationship

At Volano, we pride ourselves on building good software and great relationships. Many of our clients have been with us for 8+ years. They come to us with business, software, and technology challenges of all kinds. Having a partner you can turn to for trusted advice can be a priceless competitive advantage.


Communities are made of the people that live there. And understanding people’s shared experiences play a role in understanding how to solve best the challenges your company may face as well as how the software should be built with those users in mind.

The bottom line is that we love working with local companies; it’s a joy to build the tools that help make success easier. At Volano we hire and rely on talented in-house development staff — we don’t outsource — this helps us ensure quality outcomes.  So, when deciding on your next app, portal, or custom software project, consider the benefits of hiring a local shop that has more than the end of the project in mind for you — they have a stake in the communities you do business in.

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