Who owns the software and IP?

June 2, 2020

It is hard enough to build a successful business, and few want to invest time and resources into worrying about an Intellectual Property Assignment.  But alas, you must do your homework.  Fortunately, we make it easy for Volano customers.

When asked – “Who owns the software and IP for my project?” – it is an easy answer for us to give.  In short, YOU own all the software and intellectual property.  The way we see it, Volano is your source code custodian.  You paid us to create your vision, and it belongs to you.  If you’d like, we can provide you some lawyer language titled “Intellectual Property Assignment”; happy to sign it for you.

Volano also has a no questions asked policy regarding the occasional “we want our source code” request.  We are happy to provide you an electronic copy of your assets at any time.