Using Automated Emails to Improve Customer Relationships

December 10, 2015

“Traditional marketing talks at people, relationship marketing talks with them.”

While the end game will always be sales, we’re seeing a huge shift in marketing as a whole. The focus is now firmly on forging relationships with your customers. Smart brands are moving away from the “one night stand”, and focusing on creating long term relationships. So what does a workflow software development firm have to do with all that?

Email marketing plays a huge role in building and maintaining the B to C relationship (business to consumer). Every organization has an, or several, operations processes and within those processes are workflows -how the product or service gets from A to Z. We’re in the business of optimizing those workflows, but not just for the client. When we develop the software behind workflows, we take a holistic approach. We don’t create solutions for a business, or a customer, or the sales team, or operations, we create all encompassing solutions.

Just one of the many aspects we take into account is how our client can craft those long lasting relationships. It can be hard to strike that magical balance between automated and thoughtful, but that’s why we’re here. Customers want to feel cared for; they want to be kept in the loop but odds are your customer care department doesn’t have the bandwidth to shoot out a text when every order hits every stage of operations.  

Adding automated emails to your operations processes is an efficient and cost-effective way to give customers that care and reassurance they want from your relationship with them. We found this aspect of workflow especially important with one client in particular, Peggy Bank, a service that transfers, photos, slides, negatives, home movies, video tapes, and audio recordings to digital format that can be viewed on computers, TVs and smart devices. We didn’t just need a workflow that safeguarded these precious and irreplaceable memories, we needed a workflow that incorporated transparency and reassurance for the customer.

Automated emails can be used in a myriad of ways, but for Peggy Bank, each step of the ordering process would trigger an automated email to the customer letting them know the status of their order. Not only is the customer left feeling assured their treasures are in good hands, your customer care department isn’t answering phone calls about order statuses. Ah the beauty of automated workflows.

Again, there are countless ways to incorporate automated emails into your workflow processes -the solution can be as unique as your business. We’d love to discuss how automated emails can transform your customer relationships.