Volano Welcomes Matt Kyriss to our Software Development Team

July 2, 2014
Matt works at Volano

Monday was the first day at Volano for the newest member of our team, Matt Kyriss. To honor the beginning of his tenure, we went to Sam and Louis’s Pizza, a company favorite and one of our first clients to use our mobile compliance review app Action Card. Matt fits the mold of many of our developers whom we value. He demonstrated an early love for technology, even writing a few simple video games in college while everyone I knew was simply playing them. He travels outside of the country and likes to look at things from every angle, not simply the conventional one. Matt was an Army brat as a kid and became adept at meeting new people, adjusting to new surroundings and moving around. He is great with people and will undoubtedly become a great resource for our clients who appreciate the human touch as much as technological aptitude. We’re excited to welcome Matt to the team.