How to Create Repeatable Processes

March 17, 2016

Do you have a finger on the pulse of the everyday processes that propel your organization? That really isn’t on anyone’s job description, right? Making sure X, Y and Z get done is something that someone is in charge of, but how it’s accomplished isn’t always managed as effectively as it could be, if at all.

Without established repeatable processes, you can’t ensure efficiency, quality or consistency. The term “repeatable process” sounds boring, but in all reality, establishing repeatable processes can take your business to new heights.

A repeatable process is when you take a routine or daily process and create step by step instructions that reduce that process to the fewest, most valuable tasks with a logical order of operations. Basically, you’re eliminating room for inefficiencies.

Creating Repeatable Processes

-Every step should have a clear objective; a defined stop and start.

-The next step can only begin when the previous step has been completed.

-Every step is laid out in a logical order of operations.

-The documented process is not only made accessible to all relevant people, but it is mandatory to follow.

The Benefits of Repeatable Processes

-Repeatable processes reduce or eliminate decision making. Therefore the outcomes of each process will have fewer or no differences.

-Fewer decisions will also increase the efficiency of work, creating fewer pauses or roadblocks.

-Repeatable processes create consistency.

-With a streamlined workflow, metrics can be more effectively and accurately tracked and acted upon.

When you consider how many processes are carried out each day, the idea of creating these documented repeatable processes can be overwhelming. We get it, but consider looking at it from a different perspective. Yes, there are a ton of everyday processes to streamline and document, but every one of them is an opportunity to save resources, instill efficiencies, manage quality and make consistency a priority.

Repeatable processes are extremely beneficial in any organization, but when they are part of your workflow software, the benefits are magnified. That’s what we do, we create software that makes repeatable processes simple and transparent. It’s not always easy to envision what that looks like in your own organization, so let us help with that vision. Contact us today.