The Volano Core Values

March 10, 2016

When you first start out on a business venture, there is an emphasis on logistics, responsibilities and accountability -getting this thing off the ground, basically. What very often gets overlooked, are the reasons you started out in the first place. You can make money doing a lot of things, so what else is it about what you do or offer that drives you and your team?

At Volano Solutions, we wanted to make sure those things didn’t get buried and forgotten, or worse yet, never even established. So, us founders got together and ironed out the Volano Core Values; the five things we never want to lose sight of.

  1. Learn Constantly

This was a no-brainer for us. Being in the software industry, complacency will kill a business faster than just about anything else. The technology that drives our industry is constantly evolving. Beyond that, we make custom software, so no two clients or solutions are the same. Templatizing a solution isn’t even an option, so we established an emphasis on continued learning, not only for our company leaders, but for every member of the team.

  1. Perform to Completion

We knew we didn’t want to be known for providing “okay” solutions. We didn’t want customers walking away with an 80% solution and “making it work”. We wanted to be known for tailored, seamless solutions that make operational pain points a thing of the past. In this vein we knew our process and procedures had to be thorough and holistic to ensure accurate delivery and complete satisfaction.

  1. Take Pride in Our Work

We like to say that we enter partnerships, not transactions. Traditionally, custom software has been a one-time purchase, but that business model simply won’t work going forward. Software, and the technology that it works in and around, has to be updated. We are focused on life-time relationships with our clients to continually ensure those 100% solutions are still relevant and efficient. We realize that the software you run your organization with has a ripple effect. We don’t just want our clients to be satisfied, we want their customers, vendors and partners to be amazed.

  1. Adapt Easily

We also knew we wanted to stay as flexible as possible. Again, no two clients or solutions are the same, so getting to that holistic, seamless solution takes transparent communication and the ability to make smart pivots. So, we make an effort to remain a small but mighty team of flexible software developers who can go with the flow and find the best path to each tailored solution.

  1. Be Fun

It was also not too hard for us to establish we all wanted to create a work environment that we actually wanted to be part of. We emphasize the importance of a work/life balance, here. We want to give our software developers the opportunity for happiness in every facet of their lives. If they need to head out early on Friday, that’s fine, but they are usually down for a few beers and darts. There’s no way around it, happy employees make happy clients, that’s why “be fun” made it on this short list. Getting employees invested in your success is a two-way street.

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